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Blue WhatsApp Download v9.98 (July 2024) Latest Updated Version 2024

App NameBlue WhatsApp
Version9.98 (Official Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
Updated On2 Hours Ago

Hello Everyone, WhatsApp is been all-time favourite social media messaging app, With its versatile features and adaptability, it has been used by billions of people worldwide. As its users are growing, The users are missing out on many problems, and these problems are solved by Modified versions like “Blue WhatsApp“.

Blue WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp alternatives, With its endless features and Limitless design. We will be going to share all the information about the Blue WhatsApp APK. So please read this article till the end, and don’t skip any part of it.

Blue WhatsApp APK

Blue WhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp APK, this app gives access to many fabulous features and add-ons. The app also allows give versatile user experience, different theme options, layouts, and many more.

Blue WhatsApp is also quite famous for its security and privacy settings, You can control who can see you and what people can see you and customize calling settings for all the callers.

Blue WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp Blue APK Download

We are living in the fastest-evolving teaching world, Filled with AI and automation. So if everything is getting smarter, why don’t we?, We have brought a Blue WhatsApp APK for all the advanced users of WhatsApp, Who have been bored using the same layout and features for years.

Blue WhatsApp is a futuristic app, that has many amazing customizations, settings, and features that are not present in WhatsApp. Also, WhatsApp has many restrictions on Media and message sending Which are not there in the Blue WhatsApp APK. So be fast and use WhatsApp Blue APK in 2024.

Download Blue WhatsApp APK Latest Version for Free

Blue WhatsApp APK

Blue WhatsApp

APK NameBlue WhatsApp
Version9.98 (Official Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
File TypeBlue WhatsApp APK
Total Downloads54,850,560+
Last Updated2 Hours Ago

“Official Site – BlueWa.Dev | Official Version – V9.98”

Do you want to download Blue WhatsApp APK?, Then you are in the right place. In this article, we have shared the latest version of the Blue WhatsApp APK download link. You can directly download the Blue WhatsApp APK, from the official website BlueWA.Dev, We also ensure all the security of our users, by testing the APK file for all possible threats and then distributing it to downloading managers.

Also please note Blue WhatsApp APK is free to download and use, There is no need to spend a single penny to buy it. Just visit the official website of BlueWA.Dev, and choose to download the Blue WhatsApp APK for iPhone and Android.

Update Blue WhatsApp APK to the Latest Version Now!

Blue WhatsApp APK latest updated version is v9.98

Now updating Blue WhatsApp is been easier, With our official channels and Website – BlueWA.Dev, You can directly download the official version of Blue WhatsApp APK for free. You can even download any previous versions and use whichever version you like.

We have shared all the links for Blue WA APK Download pages in the below sections. So just click on it and choose the latest version. If you don’t know how to install it, Then we have also shared a Step-by-step installation guide below. You can use it and update the Blue WhatsApp APK.

Most Freezing Features Of Blue WhatsApp APK

Blue WhatsApp is coming up with the most unique and versatile features, This is one of the reasons for its popularity and expansion. We can proudly say that more than millions of people are using and enjoying Blue WhatsApp APK. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is its features, Below we have shared all the amazing features of Blue WhatsApp APK and How you can use it. So please make sure to read this article till the end of it.

List Of All Amazing Features In Blue WhatsApp APK

  • Custom Themes
  • Privacy Options
  • Message Scheduler
  • Advanced Media Sharing
  • Anti-Delete Messages
  • In-App Lock
  • Hide Media from Gallery
  • Customized Chat Screen
  • Status Downloader
  • Auto Reply
  • Hide Online Status
  • Customized Notifications
  • Group Video Calls
  • Advanced Chat Search
  • Message Translation
  • Hide Typing Status
  • Customizable Chat Bubbles
  • Broadcast Messages

Custom Themes Options

Custom Themes Options

Blue WhatsApp APK offers a wide variety of custom themes, Giving users to personalize their messaging experience with unique colors, backgrounds, and styles. Blue WhatsApp APK also has a very big theme store, It has thousands of amazing theme collections that are unique and good-looking. Users can change any theme of their choice and apply it, within seconds.

Privacy Options

Blue WhatsApp APK provides More privacy options, such as hiding online status, blue ticks, and typing indicators. Users can control who sees their activity, providing a greater sense of privacy and control over their messaging interactions. You can also choose who can see your online status, typing, or activity status. Blue WhatsApp has many customizations for Privacy options, You can even choose to select specific settings for contacts, Groups, and broadcast lists. This is a great way to differentiate your contacts.

privacy options

Message Scheduler

Message Schedulers help you Schedule messages to be sent at a later time or date. Whether it’s for birthday wishes, reminders, or important announcements, the message scheduler in Blue WhatsApp APK ensures sure timely delivery of messages automatically. This feature is very useful. You can make a schedule for all important messages and let them be sent without any problem with reminders and alarms.

Advanced Media Sharing

Blue WhatsApp APK allows users to share media files of larger sizes compared to the official WhatsApp app. This also includes high-resolution images, longer videos, and larger documents, making it easier to share media-rich content with friends and family. Blue WhatsApp provides users options to send High-resolution Photos from its launch, whereas WhatsApp has just launched this feature for limited images. You can send many big files without any hassle, Just use Blue WhatsApp Now.

Anti-Delete Messages

With this feature, users can view messages that have been deleted by the sender. Blue WhatsApp APK retains deleted messages within the chat history, providing users with a way to access important information even after it’s been removed by the sender. There is no more hassle for finding the deleted message, Just use the Blue WA and get all the deleted messages to you back.

In-Build App Lock

Build App lock allows users to lock their Blue WhatsApp APK with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint, adding an extra layer of security to their messaging app. In-app lock ensures that only authorized users can access their chats and media files. This is a very important feature pushed by Blue WhatsApp, It provides extra layers of security for your WhatsApp account and prevents unauthorized access.

In-Build App Lock

Hide Media from Gallery

Hide Media from Gallery

Users can now hide media files received through Blue WhatsApp APK from seeming in the device’s gallery. This feature provides added privacy for personal media files, You can choose to enable and disable this setting in the Blue WhatsApp settings panel.

Dual WhatsApp

Blue WhatsApp APK supports dual WhatsApp accounts on the same device, allowing users to manage multiple accounts simultaneously without the need for additional apps or devices. It’s most useful for someone, having multiple WA accounts for personal and professional use.

Dual WhatsApp Settings

Customized Chat Screen

Customized Chat Screen

Blue WhatsApp APK allows users to customize the chat screen with different backgrounds, colors, and themes. This feature lets users create a personalized chat environment that reflects their style and preferences. You can choose to change the fonts, Backgrounds, and each element in the chat screen.

Status Downloader

If are you still using a third-party status downloader, then be careful it can be dangerous for you. We have added an in-build Status downloader in the Blue WhatsApp APK. This status downloader lets you download any status of your contact and save it on your device. You can reuse this status and add it to your story without any watermark or user account name.

Status Downloader

Auto Reply

Auto Reply settings

Blue WhatsApp APK has an auto-reply feature that allows users to set automatic responses to incoming messages when they are unable to respond manually. This feature is especially useful for all the busy people and companies, who don’t have time to reply directly. You can add a specific message and its reply which will be sent automatically.

Multiple Language Support

Blue WhatsApp APK supports multiple languages, allowing users to use the app in their preferred language. This feature enhances accessibility and guarantees that users from various Language backgrounds can communicate effectively using Blue WhatsApp APK.

Multiple Language Support settings

Customized Notifications

Customized Notifications

Blue WhatsApp APK allows to customize notification sounds, vibration patterns, and LED colors for different contacts or chat groups. This feature enables users to personalize their notification experience and distinguish between important messages and general alerts. You can customize and identify your important messages with custom sounds and pay attention to them.

Group Video Calls

Blue WhatsApp APK supports group video calls with up to a specific number of participants. This feature lets users connect with multiple contacts simultaneously and have face-to-face conversations, making it ideal for virtual meetings, family gatherings, or group discussions on WhatsApp only.

Group Video Calls

Advanced Chat Search

Advanced Chat Search settings

Blue WhatsApp APK offers an advanced chat search feature that lets users quickly find specific messages, contacts, or media files within their chat history. This feature saves time and makes it easier to locate important information when needed, You can even search for documents and images and make your chat more remembered and effective. You can save your time finding important messages and searching them with Advance Chat search.

Message Translation

Message Translation, helps users can translate messages received in different languages directly within the Blue WhatsApp APK interface. This feature enables cross-cultural communication and helps users overcome language barriers in their conversations. Users from all the language backgrounds and connect and have a conversation on Blue WhatsApp.

Message Translation settings

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast Messages

Blue WhatsApp APK lets users broadcast messages to multiple contacts or groups simultaneously. This feature simplifies the process of sending mass messages and announcements to a large audience. You will not need to worry about sending messages to multiple contacts. Just make a broadcast list in Blue WhatsApp and you are good to go.

Built-in File Manager

Blue WhatsApp APK includes a built-in file manager that allows users to manage their media files, documents, and other attachments directly within the app. This feature provides a convenient way to organize and access files shared through Blue WhatsApp APK, You can access all the data and media in Blue WhatsApp only. It will help you better organize your WhatsApp data and manage the storage issues.

Built-in File Manager

Is It Safe To Use Blue WhatsApp APK?

Before coming to any conclusion, I will share about what is Blue WhatsApp and how you should use it safely. So Blue WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, Which gives users options, Settings, and lots of amazing features to make their daily WhatsApp experience better. It also has many UI and UX options to change.

Now if you want to use WhatsApp Blue safely, It’s important to download the Blue WhatsApp APK from BlueWA.Dev. This is an official website for downloading and distribution of Blue WhatsApp APK. Any other anonymous site can harm you, by providing Fake apps. So It’s the same as using Blue WhatsApp APK, Just you should download it from genuine sources only.

What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using Blue WhatsApp?

As with many traditional APK, Blue WhatsApp also has many advantages and disadvantages. Here in this article, we will going to understand all these advantages and disadvantages to calculate, whether it’s good or bad to use Blue WhatsApp APK.

  • Customization Options: Blue WhatsApp comes with various customization options that are not available in the official WhatsApp, such as themes, fonts, and chat backgrounds.
  • Enhanced Privacy Features: Blue WhatsApp offers additional privacy features like hiding online status, blue ticks, and typing indicators. This can be advantageous for users who prioritize privacy and want more control over their online presence.
  • Extended Functionality: Blue WhatsApp may include extra features like the features to send larger files, longer videos, or more images in a single message.
  • No Ads: Blue WhatsApp, remove ads from the app interface. This creates a cleaner user experience without interruptions from advertisements, This immerses your user’s experience.
  • Security Risks: Modified versions of WhatsApp, like Blue WhatsApp, are not developed or endorsed by WhatsApp Inc. But if you download it from the official website you can minimize your risk.
  • Late updates of Official features: Since Blue WhatsApp is not an official release, users may not receive updates or support from WhatsApp Inc. The updates will be available after 24-72 hours of an official version.
  • Limited Community Support: Unlike the official WhatsApp, which has a large community of users, Blue WhatsApp is rapidly becoming popular among people and soon it will have a large community too.

WhatsApp Blue APK Download For iPhone for Free

Blue WhatsApp APK for iPhone is an iOS APK, which is used for iPhone users, This APK was developed to let iOS users also enjoy the amazing features of Blue WhatsApp APK. This version has slight changes in UI as per iOS norms But has the same features and performance. You can enjoy all the limitless experiences like Android in this app.

Most importantly, Blue WA iPhone APK is available for free on BlueWA.Dev, You can directly download and install it from the official website. We don’t ask for a single penny, just click on Download and enjoy Blue WhatsApp APK for iPhone.

Blue WhatsApp For iOS

Step By Step Installation Process For Blue WhatsApp APK

Are you worried about, How to install Blue WhatsApp APK, Then don’t worry we are here. Below we have shared a step-by-step Installation process for Blue WhatsApp APK. You can refer to it and follow the steps to install the Blue WA on your device. Make sure to follow all the steps carefully, or else it will not install apk properly.

  • Step 1. Go to BlueWA.Dev, and download Blue WhatsApp APK from the official website.
  • Step 2. Once you have downloaded Blue WhatsApp, go to File Manager and click on the APK file.
  • Step 3. If you are installing a third-party APK for the first time, It will be asked to enable “Unknown Sources” Permission. So just follow the instructions on the screen and enable the permissions.
  • Step 4. Now you can click on the install button and wait while the installation of the Blue WhatsApp APK is going on.
  • Step 5. Once you are done with installation, click on done and enjoy using Blue WhatsApp APK for free.

Frequently Asked Questions For Blue WhatsApp APK

What is Blue WhatsApp APK?

Blue WhatsApp APK is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application that offers additional features and customization options that are not available in the original app.

How to download Blue WhatsApp APK for free?

Blue WhatsApp APK can be easily downloaded from the official website BlueWA.Dev, You will get all the information about this APK, and installation and downloading guide.

Does Blue WhatsApp APK support end-to-end encryption?

Blue WhatsApp APK is based on the original WhatsApp codebase, so it supports end-to-end encryption for messages sent between users.

Can I use the Blue WhatsApp APK with the official WhatsApp app?

Yes, you can use the Blue WhatsApp APK with the official WhatsApp app on the same device. You can use both of them separately and have multiple accounts on them.

Can I transfer my chat history from the official WhatsApp app to the Blue WhatsApp APK?

Yes, you can transfer your chat to Blue WhatsApp, Just make sure to backup it and restore it while signing it.

Final Conclusion

In the above article, we have shared one of the most popular WhatsApp alternatives, Blue WhatsApp APK. Blue WA APK is a very popular WhatsApp alternative, This app has many fabulous features and looks. You can customize everything in this app. We have also shared all the information about this app, Such as its advantages & disadvantages, How to use it, Popular features, Installation guide, FAQs, and many more.

We have also shared the latest version of the Blue WhatsApp APK on the official website, BlueWA.Dev. You will get all future updates from this website only. That’s it for today, make sure to share this APK with all your friends and family. We will continue to share the best information about Blue WhatsApp APK, Till then stay tuned with BlueWA.Dev.